The Board provides the following services:
1. Approves affiliation of public and private sector schools/colleges
2. Conducts various examinations
Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
Oriental Languages Examination
Adib Urdu
Adib Alim Urdu
Adib Fazil Urdu
Adib Sindhi
Adib Alim Sindhi
Adib Fazil Sindhi
Munshi Persian
Munshi Alim Persian
Munshi Fazil Persian
Moulvi Arabic
Moulvi Alim Arabic
Moulvi Fazil Arabic
3. Issues various certificates
4. Verifies various certificates
5. Verifies date of birth/names etc.
6. Offers merit scholarships
7. Arranges co-curricular activities
8. Provides sports facilities
9. Arranges inter-institutions and boards sports competition
10. Issues migration certificates
11. Issues eligibility certificates
12. Registers private candidates
13. Provides enrolment cards
14. Provides examination cards
15. Announces results of various examinations
16. Conducts award ceremony for position holders of various examinations
17. Analyzes various results and provides feedback to education institutions for further improvement
18. Conducts research and prepares reports for sharing with stakeholders
19. Conducts training of all staff including paper setters, examiners and others associated with conduct of examination
20. Advocates and disseminates innovative initiatives
21. Conducts research and educational seminars with the stakeholders
22. Develops institutional capacity based on emerging professional development needs of the staff